09.04.15 03:51

Annual General Meeting

– Sikuki Nuuk Harbour

Sikuki Nuuk Harbour A / S Board of Directors held their annual general meeting on 8 April 2015. The agenda among others included the Chairman's report, the Greenland Government's proposal to composition of the Board and Annual Report for 2014 was approved.

The entire board was re-elected and Sikuki Nuuk Harbour A / S Board therefore consists of:

  • Lars Karlsson (Chairman)
  • Berit Koertz
  • Christine Tønnessen
  • John Rasmussen
  • Haukur Oskarsson

The first year of Sikuki Nuuk Harbour A / S posted a loss of 1.2 million DKK after tax, which is considered satisfactory and as expected. As planned, the company has not received any income yet, but only exclusively expenses associated with the operation of the company as well as preparation of tender and procurement of financing for the country's new central harbour in Nuuk.


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