15.05.15 11:00

New man at the helm For Sikuki Nuuk Harbour A/S


Jesper Johannessen, CEO, is embarking on new challenges and will be replaced by Pall Hermannsson from Iceland.

Pall Hermannsson will now be in charge of Sikuki Nuuk Harbour A/S. He is replacing Jesper Johannesen as CEO. Jesper‘s departure was a mutual agreement and he will be embarking on new challenges.  A new Finance Manager, Ole Sonntag, will support the CEO.

-    Establishing a new harbour and a new company goes through many phases. Now when this phase is over and the contractor, Per Aarslev Grønland Aps, has started the construction, there is the opportunity to focus on the next phase.  According to the Chairman of the Board, Lars Karlsson, this is a convenient time for  the transition.

Pall Hermannsson had a career, as a ship’s officer. He was in charge of terminal operation and domestic transport for Samskip in Reykjavik. He has also been in charge of port terminals and logistics operations in a number of Middle Eastern and European countries. He was UNDP’s Senior Advisor on the development of ports in Iraq.

On behalf of the board, I would like to express gratitude to Jesper Johannesen for ensuring the establishment of the company, Sikuki Nuuk Harbour, where the Tender process and contract with the contractor has been successfully completed and construction of the new container terminal is under way. I am also very pleased that Sikuki Nuuk Harbour will benefit from Pall’s skills in our next phase.

Preparation for the transition has been underway for a while and Pall Hermannsson commences his new role today.

The company has, at this moment in time, appointed a Finance Manager to support the CEO in the increasing number of tasks the company is now dealing with. Ole Sonntag is a Certified Auditor and former partner at Deloitte Grønland.