07.09.15 09:00

Activities in port


Sheet piling work is well under way. About 10% of the sheet piles have been driven into place and the new quay front is taking shape.


There is still a long way to go before the port is complete. At the moment, the piles stand in the middle of the water and the area behind the sheet piling has to be filled in. Material for this will be blasted out on Fyrø.


Filling will be done in stages so that anchor bars can be laid out to fix the sheet piling to the anchor beam.

The sheet piling is attached at the bottom and at two places below the water: above and below anchor level.

Filling is done up to below the lower anchor level and the anchor bars are laid out.

When the anchors have been attached to the sheet piling more filling is added up to the upper anchor level, then the upper anchors are installed before filling is completed.