19.03.18 12:00

Better conditions for cruise tourists

Sikuki is ready to establish significantly improved tourist conditions at the Port of Nuuk

A modern and inviting visitor center on the quayside. Better conditions on Tidevandstrappen by establishing a pontoon bridge, and parking spaces and a new access road to the quayside. This is the list of improvements Sikuki wants to implement before the cruise season 2018 is launched.

The plans are presented in Sermitsiaq.

"There is an urgent need for new initiatives at the port, to ensure that cruise ship passengers are provided better conditions that meet the safety requirements," says CEO John Rasmussen, Sikuki Nuuk Harbor A / S, to Sermitsiaq.AG.

The number of cruise tourist in Nuuk is growing, and if this trend is to continue, it is important to improve conditions.

A Visitor Center will be established, and that will be the first thing tourists meet when they leave the ship. The center is 135 square meters and is bundled of nine specially designed containers. Here, tourist operators are able to establish themselves and offer tourists their products and experiences.

In addition, toilet facilities will be established in the Visitor Center, says John Rasmussen, who also points out that the space between the quay and the road will be sized to allow for parking and buses that can bring tourists on sightseeing.

The Visitor Center is being established in cooperation with Kommuneqarfik Sermersooq, which also helps with displacement so that tourists are guided to a safe line to Tidevandstrappen,  which is also being renovated and expanded.

Tidevandstrappen renovated
Tidevandstrappen is being renovated and expanded with floating pontoons to accommodate two to three boats, depending on size. Floating pontoons will also make it easier and safer to get on board the boats, says John Rasmussen.

Welcomed by Visit Greenland
Mads Skifte, Visit Greenland, is very excited about the new plan.

- That's what we need. The plan ensures that the city becomes much more attractive to visit for cruise operators because of the safety requirements, says Mads Skifte to Sermitsiaq.AG.