- Nuuk Harbour A/S

Sikuki Nuuk Harbour A/S was founded on December 23rd 2013.

The purpose of the company is to construct, own, operate and develop harbour areas in Nuuk and to perform related business activities.

The company’s Deed of Foundation and Articles of Association may be found here (in danish):

Deed of Foundation

Articles of Association

In the first phase of the company, the company’s objective is to prepare project material and to prepare an invitation to tender for the project so that the shareholders can make decisions about the realisation of the project and about further capital contribution requirements.   

The new port which Sikuki Nuuk Harbour A/S is to construct will be able to meet the challenges that are facing the existing container port and will result in efficiency gains regarding container handling. The new port will also give the harbour-related companies the opportunity to grow and will increase activity levels of e.g. trawlers, cruise ships and exploration activities.

The new and future-proof port will be brought in Fyrø in Nuuk harbour, and will be built with a new wharf space container hinterland as well as the headquarters for the Royal Arctic Line, warehouse and workshop. Moreover additional land on which can be used as lay-down areas to include exploration activities.

In connection with the construction of the port, Sikuki will construct harbour-related buildings such as port agency offices, head office for RAL, warehouses and workshops.

The location of the port provides an option for future expansion. The new port comprises a total investment in harbour, buildings and upgrading of the infrastructure. The port will function as a hub for all goods in and out of Greenland.

After completion of the port, it will be operated partially on a commercial basis, although it is not the intention that the company should generate significant profits. Sources of income for the port will mainly consist of rent from areas, buildings and cranes.

The existing port will be taken over by Sikuki Nuuk Harbour A/S with effect in 2016. With the existing port and the new port, Sikuki Nuuk Harbour A/S will be responsible for most of the harbour areas in Nuuk and with the intended function the ports will have for the whole of Greenland, the company will play a major role in the development of Greenland.