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Sikuki Nuuk Harbour A/S (from here: Sikuki) The objective of Sikuki Nuuk Harbour A/S (Sikuki) is to build, own, operate and develop the port areas in Nuuk and activities related thereto.

Nuuk Harbour is Greenland’s largest port and plays a key role in freight transport to, from and in Greenland.

Our CSR Policy describes our commitment, and, when possible, give examples of our actions. We focus on areas that are important for achieving our business goals and at the same time are important to our stakeholders.

At present Sikuki is a very small organization, and the policy is mainly reflected in requirements for suppliers and partners. As the company grows, the CSR Policy will help form the basis of the company's other policies, such as staff policy, environmental policy, IT policy and so on.

Human- and workers rights, occupational health and safety

We respect international human- and workers rights, and work consistently to ensure good and safe relationships with our employees in their employment under equal terms. Applicants with the same qualifications must have the same opportunities to be employed and the company invites all interested persons to apply for vacancies, regardless of background. The company relies on gender equality and takes action against discrimination, bullying, harassment and violence at work.

Safety, health and well-being are essential focus areas for Sikuki. It is crucial to work for a strong safety culture, and that employees have access to the right training, knowledge and equipment to work safely.

Climate and environment

Sikuki works purposefully and systematically to reduce the negative impact on the environment, which will be particularly reflected in the construction of a new terminal and in the choices for technology for the upcoming operations.

We are investigating the possibilities of using more environmentally friendly technology. This means that wherever we can, we will seek to optimize operations and processes based on proven technologies. 

Education, Skills development and training

Through our tenders and requirements for partners, we focus on competence development of employees at all levels and especially on the education of students and apprentices.

We have a special desire to strengthen the level of education in Greenland to support a positive development.


We are against bribery, facilitation payments and other forms of unethical business conduct. We work to strengthen our internal guidelines as well as controls, follow-up and audits to ensure that this does not take place in Sikuki or in connection with our activities. In 2019 Sikuki has implemented a whistleblower regulation where suspicion of illegal conduct may be reported anonymously.

Suppliers and partners

We wish to influence our suppliers and partners to work systematically and structured with environmental, social and ethical issues. Therefore, we work with dialogue and requirements to promote sustainability - beyond our own business.


CSR Greenland

Sikuki Nuuk Harbour has in 2016 joined CSR Greenland. Thus, the port will be part of a larger network with strong ties, and can further contribute to a sustainable society.

CSR Greenland and its member companies work on the basis of the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals, and the UN Global Compact Guidelines for Corporate Responsibility, with a particular focus on education, health and the environment.

Sikuki will as far as possible follow CSR Greenland's priorities and actions will be based on events in the partnership.




Sustainable Development Goal 4

Access to quality education through internship for young students as well as continuing education and skill development of employees.

Sustainable Development Goal 7

Utilization of the country’s renewable energy to provide shore power for ships and cranes respectively.

Sustainable Development Goal 9

Develop and maintain our port infrastructure as an essential prerequisite for development in Greenland.

Sustainable Development Goal 12 and 14

Sustainable waste management in the port environment to protect sea and coastal eco-systems.

Sustainable Development Goal 17

Partnerships to promote technology, trade and knowledge sharing to develop sustainable infrastructure.