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The port can receive the following types of ship-generated waste:

  1. Municipal waste and galley waste (NSF, see General Terms, Section 7.3.1.)
  2. Oily wasteless than50 litres (NSF, see General Terms, Section 7.3.1)
  3. Oily waste above 50 litres (Against payment)
  4. Sewage (Against payment)
  5. Chemicals (Only by separate agreement and against payment)

Payment for delivery of galley waste, municipal waste and oily waste less than 50 litres is included in the normal harbour dues under NSF (No Special Fee).

The delivery of oily waste over 50 litres, sewage, cargo residues and chemicals is not covered by NSF.

Please note:

  • The NFS rules do not apply to cruise vessels. These are required to make special arrangements.
  • Separate payment will be charged for services rendered at the tariffs imposed by the Harbour at all times

For full general information on waste handling read the section no. 7. Waste from Ships in the General Terms document.

Applicable legislation regarding Waste