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Latitude:     64º10,4´N
Longitude: 051º43,5´W

Office hours

Mon-Fri 08:00 - 16:00
24h emergency no.: +299 48 64 37

Supplies can be ordered in advance from local supplier or agent. See External Services and Links.

Bunker is available at Ny Atlantkaj and Feederkaj. Or can be delivered at most quays by truck.
Order from supplier or agent. See External Services and Links.

Water can be delivered at Ny Atlantkaj, Gl. Atlantkaj, Feederkajen and Skonnertkajen.
Shore power for smaller vessels possible at Kutterkajen and Trawlerkajen through BEAS installations (Limited capacity).
Contact the Port Office if you need shore power during your port stay.
Quay Capacity
The Port of Nuuk has limited berth capacity. In certain periods throughout the year demand exceeds available wharf capacity. The Port reserves the right to coordinate and reduce lay time, move vessels to anchor or alter berth position to provide most vessels the possibility to load/discharge.
Pontoons for smaller boats and commercial tour boats are located at Tidevandstrappen (Tidal Stairs) and Sissiugaq (Old Nuuk).
For commercial use please see the rates under Rates & Regulations.

It is possible to anchor in shelter from winds from W to N to SE in Qinngorput (Malenebugt) E of Umiarsualiviup Qeqertai (Admiralitets Holmene) on a shoal with approx. 20 m of water. The holding ground is good. The holding ground is less than good close E of Qeqertaq Avalleq (Fyrø).

It is possible to anchor in shelter from S winds N of the sound between Aqissersiorfik (Rypeø) and Taartunnguaq in approx. 30 m of water and approx. 400 m from the nearest shore on both islands. The holding ground is good and consists of mud/rock.


Tidal range at spring tide approx. 4.4 m, at neap tide approx. 2.1 m.

Max. tidal range approx. 5.1 m.

Lowest astronomical tide (LAT) is approx. 2.5 m below mean water (MW).

Length of day (approx. times)
Shortest day: 10:00-14:00 (December)
Longest day: 02:00-24:00 (June)